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Meals on Wheels and More delivers hot, nutritious meals to the elderly, disabled, and homebound in the Greater Austin area. Aside from our signature meal-delivery program, Meals on Wheels and More offers additional "And More" services.


All menus are planned and prepared under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian (RD). All meals provide one third of the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) and follow the latest USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  The meals are nutrient dense and provide a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Meals are also:

  • An excellent daily source of dietary fiber.
  • An excellent daily source of vitamin C and calcium.
  • An excellent source of vitamin A provided at least twice a week.
  • Low in fat (weekly average must be 30% or less of total calories from fat; 10% or less of total calories from saturated fat).
  • No added sodium (total meal weekly averages contain less than 1200 mg); no additional salt is added during food preparation.
  • Low in sugar. Meal is prepared without the addition of concentrate sugars.
  • Each meal contains between 650-800 calories.

We offer various meal choices in order to meet the special dietary needs of our clients. Check out our menus: March, April, May, & June.

We serve the following therapeutic meals to meet the needs of our clients: soft, bland, puree, low potassium, and combination.  Click here for more details about our Meal Types.

Learn more about our new Meal Choice program!

If you have questions please contact our registered dietitian smarceaux@mealsonwheelsandmore.org

Who is Eligible?

Individuals must be:

  1. Primarily homebound
  2. Unable to easily prepare nutritious meals
  3. Without consistent daytime assistance from another person
  4. Able to accept meals during the delivery time frame
  5. Must live in the Greater Austin Area
  6. Each applicant will be assessed by a MOWAM social worker to ensure that eligibility requirements are met. Short-term service is available to those with temporary meal needs.

For more info about getting signed up for meals, please email us or call 512-476-MEAL.

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