Groceries To Go Program

What is the Groceries to Go program?

Groceries to Go is a program that matches volunteers with clients who can cook for themselves, but who have no reliable or consistent help with grocery shopping.  If the client is able to get around on their own, volunteers provide transportation to and from the grocery store and assist clients with shopping and putting groceries away.  If the client is mobility impaired, volunteers collect the grocery list and payment and do the shopping for them. Clients provide payment for all purchases.  Volunteers may also be asked to pick up prescriptions if the pharmacy is near the grocery store. 

Groceries to Go Client Shopping with Volunteer

Volunteers generally make these shopping trips twice a month, though some clients prefer once a month shopping. The actual volunteer time can take from 2 – 3 hours per visit. This volunteer opportunity requires time and patience, but it also allows for flexibility because trips are arranged on your own schedule. We provide this handy shopping trip report form as a way of recording and keeping up with the details of each shopping trip. Click here to download form.

Groceries to Go Volunteer Shopping with Client

Clients benefit from this program in many ways.  In addition to having a stocked pantry and advice on good nutritional and health-conscious food choices, many volunteers are actually able to save money for clients by looking for bargains and coupons.  Also, the opportunity for socialization and friendship is an important benefit for clients.  Because they spend 2 – 3 hours together twice a month, the relationship that develops is a welcome source of support, diversion and enrichment for clients.

Read firsthand from a volunteer about her wonderful experience! 


What do volunteers need to be able to do?

Volunteers must be able to:

  • Be available for shopping trips 1-2 times per month for 2-3 hours.
  • Carry groceries into the household and help put them away.
  • Have reliable transportation. 
  • Have a current driver’s license and insurance.
  • Attend a 30 minute training session.
  • Pass a criminal background check.


When do volunteers need to be available?

Volunteers schedule shopping trips directly with clients, on their own schedules.  We request a minimum commitment of once a month for 2-3 hours.


What are the current volunteer needs?

Currently, we have several clients who are in need of volunteers helping them with their groceries.  The highest density of clients is in Central East Austin so volunteers who are willing to choose clients in this area are very much appreciated!


How do I get started?

For more information and to schedule training, please contact the program coordinator:

512-476-6325 x178


Thank you for your interest in our Meals on Wheels And More Programs!


Groceries to Go is a project of the Junior League of Austin.